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After the terms of service:

 1. The group of companies selling products appear quality problem to provide one year free warranty service. Improper use (artificial damage and natural disasters are not included )

 2. Sales of products is in warranty goods, we will be made according to standard warranty maintenance services to provide services to you. For the maintenance beyond the guarantee period, you need to bear the cost of in addition to the maintenance, also including repair by replacement of spare parts cost and transportation cost.

Note: all man-made and natural disasters, the damage of the product to charge maintenance treatment, not belong to the scope of free maintenance.

Hotline service:

The national consumer unified hotline:400-830-2639,To provide you with free product consulting service and repair service. If you fail to solve in time, we will provide a continuous follow-up service.

The national consumer unified hotline:400-830-2639

Unified national customer service hotline:0755-27603666(0)


Service complaints:13603016495

Service commitment:

In order to provide you with quality and efficient services, and constantly improve the quality of our service, and we make the following promises solemnly, would you please to our service and work shall be supervised.

1, the service goal

Let customer satisfaction, allows users to rest assured, wholeheartedly for the general user services, continuous improvement, constantly improve the quality of service.

2, service attitude,

First asked responsibility system, the first to accept inquiries, must ensure that the given method or way to solve the relevant matters;

Pick up personnel must use civilization terminology, standard word, properly handle customer inquiries matters;

Friendly manner, do not dispute with customers.

3, service time

Web services: the company's web site is running time 7 x24 uninterrupted run throughout the year

Artificial service unattended time:

National legal working days: legal working hours service throughout the day

Weekend, festival and holiday: specify job workers to accept inquiries

4, service acceptance and solve

Phone < 2 hours to reply

E-mail < 1 working day

The customer inquiry response rate of 100%

5, phone and mail accept and solve technical support

Use common sense issues < 30 minutes

Simple question < 1 working day

A complex problem < 3-5 working days

Because of various reasons can't solve the problem must state, explanation to the user.

6, door to door service

Require manufacturers to provide door-to-door service, according to the repair within 2 working days from the next day on processing;

7, returned to the factory service

Client available freight, delivery will be bad product delivery to the company or any other way, 1 to 3 working days after receiving return product processing, please indicate the bad reasons when returned to the factory and your contact information, convenient after-sale service personnel to contact you!

8, that promise

We respect the privacy of users, to provide the project information, we will strictly confidential, unless permitted or rules and regulations of confidentiality

Authorization, we will not disclose, and never to be used for other business, such as competitive profit purposes.

Especially declare: need to charge, please refer to our with the seal of after-sales service receipt stamped with our company!

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