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Shenzhen yao da electronic gaining momentum Opens the door to the lock in the future

Date: 2016-08-11
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Mentioned intelligent electronic lock, the domestic public understanding of its use or still stay in some public places such as office, school, hotel, bank, etc. People also hard to attribute the high-tech locks combined with ordinary life. In Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, however, the use of intelligent electronic lock is quite common, especially in the civil market penetration rate is much higher than domestic. According to statistics, electronic lock in Europe and 50% of the civilian lock market, Japan and South Korea electronic smart lock accounted for more than 70% of the country's civil lock market, particularly in South Korea, the intelligent electronic locks of the apartment utilization rate as high as 90%. South Korea has intelligent electronic lock market size is 1 million sets, of which the retail (B2C) market share is 80%, and its civilian market has grown mature, with 50% of the user is on the basis of the existing intelligent electronic lock, for replacement of new electronic lock. And at present in China, intelligent electronic lock accounted for the lock is less than 2% of the market. In people have been used to charge into the office area, and the bank financial area such as the keyboard type electronic lock, even used biometric locks, we can be sure in the domestic electronic auto-brain lock will not only continue to develop in the commercial aspect, while in civil, and there will be more broad prospects.

With the improving of the people's security awareness, a key in a lock with obvious can't satisfy people's needs. In terms of commercial, in each big office areas have been used to swipe in and out of the office workers, and in addition to the company's financial security, some financial institutions or with higher requirements for security standard unit is to let the needs of the intelligent electronic lock, from simple unlock, development now "empowerment". Ordinary people at the same time also for the safe, comfortable household environment will have higher pursuit, intelligent electronic lock market share has a big rise in civilian space, will get rapid development.

Multiple technologies improve security

The so-called intelligent electronic locks, is the electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the computer network technology, the built-in software card, network alarm, mechanical design of the lock body) and other integrated products. Different from traditional mechanical lock, it is the user identification, security, manageability aspects more intelligent locks.

Another way to use "card" as the key intelligent electronic lock is the current office area is the most active intelligent lock products. This card intelligent electronic lock can be divided into two categories, contact and non-contact. Biggest advantage of the intelligent electronic lock is that store large amount of information, in the face of the company, the enterprise demand for personnel management, electronic card lock also can enter personal information, truly achieves the effect of authentication, at the same time for different personnel authorized to set more facilitates the management of the enterprise. , different from the traditional key CARDS lost, system only cancel the authorization, convenient and worry-free.

Intelligent electronic lock is a commercial and civil aspect common smart locks, its biggest characteristic is with the function of automatic alarm, has comprehensive advantages and characteristics of anti-theft lock and alarm. If someone tried to breaking into, the system will automatically alarm, at the same time open automatic locking function. More high-end products also have the function of automatic dialing alarm.

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