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Company organization spring outing

Date: 2016-08-10
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 In may, the sun is shining, the grass sprout out of the earth, in this vibrant season, company organized a one-day with "unity and cooperation on May 5th, close to nature" as the theme of spring outing. Yuhang RenHe Town group staff gathered in the beautiful scenery of the mountain beauty, in the mountains enjoy the endless joy. At 8:30 in the morning, everyone in the company downstairs on time collection, focus on buses to mountain beauty. Staff travel light and spirit, between light and arrived at the destination. Castle peak green water, blue sky and white clouds, snowcapped, yan dance butterfly fly, formally started in such a beautiful environment of the spring outing.

A series of funny games, happy brought everybody's mood to orgasm, tug of war, of musical... You play of joy; The river promenade at noon lunch, everybody in the mountains enjoy the delicious food and chat say ground, fully realize the far away from the city blatant quiet and comfortable; Afternoon free activities, the staff CARDS, fishing, grilled, appreciate beauty, pick up, completely relax in the beautiful nature... The spring outing activities to get everybody's widespread high praise, have said the company organization this activity, not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, edify sentiment, also provides the opportunity to communicate with each other, enhance friendship, strengthen unity, is very meaningful.

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